Wawa Wewe Beach

The latest member of the Wawawewe family.

On the famous salt making beach of Amed, a traditional Balinese bamboo structure, using reclaimed wood for the bar and restaurant furnishings,

Open to the beach, with the daily life of the fishermen and their families surrounding you, as you enjoy views of, beach, sea, volcanoes and mountains,

Also not to be missed the Sunset from your table, as it disappears behind the mighty Mount Agung- spectacular.

Wawa-wewe Beach is a chilled, relaxed, drinking, eating, meeting place, all day and night, with mellow live music every Monday and Thursday evenings, by our local talented boys, feel free to join in.

The food is all locally sourced and cooked to your order in our open kitchen.

Free WI-FI

Stay connected with our free WI-FI service.