On arrival at Wawa-wewe we would like you to enjoy, relax and absorb the beauty and calm atmosphere of Wawa-wewe�s mini tropical paradise, with a cool drink by the pool in an ocean breeze.
To make the most of your stay with us, please ask our English speaking staff to help you organise your activities, tours and transport.


We have our own cars and drivers and can arrange for you to be picked up from the airport or anywhere else, and returned.
Motorbike rental is also available. If you prefer to rent a car and self-drive we can organise this too.
Boats to Lombok and the Gile Isles now leave from Amed.

Local Cultural and Coastal Trips

Apart from diving, snorkelling our local area has so much to offer, take off on your own or with our driver visiting markets, coconut product production, Ujung Palace stunning, along the rustic coast visit basket weavers, natural cotton and dye textiles, palm wine production and more, there is so much to see and do in and around Amed.


Amed has some of the best diving in Bali, Wawa-wewe can recommend and organise diving at any level for you, with well established PADI dive masters.
There are two shipwrecks in the area, the US Liberty at Tulamben and the Japanese wreck in Amed as well as many other dive sites.


There is excellent snorkelling directly from the beach at Wawa-wewe I, Wawa-wewe II, where there is a coral reef directly from the beach and The Rock.
A fishing boat or transport can be arranged for you to snorkel in different bays along the Amed coast.
We also have snorkelling equipment for rent.

Fishing and Sailing

Early morning fishing is a must with a local fisher man in his dug out Jukung (boat) with outriggers. You can go far out to the horizon and hopefully make a catch and at the same time watch the stunning sunrise. If you are lucky dolphins are often sighted in the early morning. On return we can cook your catch for breakfast!
Or if you prefer, an afternoon sail along the coast is also very invigorating, and you can watch the sun go down.
If you prefer dry land, rise early and experience a spectacular sunrise from our pool with the horizon studded with fishing boats and the rugged peaks of Lombok in the distance.

Trekking and cycling

There are bikes for rent in the area and of course you can explore the coast and hills on foot as well.
Trekking up the mighty Mount Agung will require a special guide, which can be arranged and a very early start.
If you prefer something more local we can arrange for a guide to take you to some very special mountain temples in Amed.

Local Culture

During your stay there may well be a Hindu ceremony taking place locally. Please ask our staff as they and their families will welcome you to join them into their community to experience a Hindu celebration.
Every day at Wawa-wewe you will see the offerings being made to the Gods at the different Temples, if you care to join in, appropriate temple clothing must be worn.

Balinese dancing

As part of the culture, the children learn Balinese dancing. We like to give my family the opportunity to do a small performance in the evening on request.
If anyone would like a taster in Balinese dancing, our very own Wayan at Wawa-wewe II is a teacher and this can be arranged.

Expressive arts

With the abundance of mountains blue seas and beautiful scenery there is an abundance of artistic and creative opportunities for artists and photographers. The environment is perfect for yoga and meditation.

Relax have a massage

If the above all sounds exhausting, spend some time just relaxing and absorbing the beauty around you, have a massage in the ocean breeze, there is no need to go anywhere, we have it all here at Wawa-wewe.

Organise your day with any of our staff. Enjoy your stay - Salamat Tinggal